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Technology Company

We are proud to be in partnership with the amazing LTECH. Our business trip has been filled with tech-thrills, as LTECH is one of the best top information technology products and services providers. From Security solutions to IP and Clouding, LTECH is everything your business may need to preserve and maintain a high quality secured IT with the most professional team out there.


Soap & Beauty

aleplaur is one of GrowDose's proud world-wide outcomes. We provide the best produced soap products of all times, ranging from authentic Laurel Soap, Scent Power, handmade and organic collections. aleplaur is specialized in retail and wholesale services, alongside with soap branding and manufacturing.


Furniture & Accessories

Created by GrowDose, KAYPORT has managed to become one of the best international furniture trade companies in the world. Not only furniture, KAYPORT also gives the opportunity to obtain Textiles, Mattresses and equipments, suiting all you need in a house, a hotel, a restaurant, and absolutely any space at all.


Import, Export & General Trading

With its huge international success, BTY International in partnership with GrowDose, has managed to top up the industry of importing, exporting and trading the best cosmetics and beauty products. With everything you need in the field of Beauty and Hygiene, BTY International earns a great relationship with the best most powerful global brands of all, proudly by its authentic products, highest speed and best prices.


Professional General Trading

Powered by GrowDose, Proza is the leading Construction Materials Trader from Turkey to around the world. From Marbles and Cement, to Wood and Panels, Proza offers the best long-lasting materials that meet the highest construction standards internationally, making it the best choice for building the best future from ground to sky.


Scent Marketing

Adding a special scent to our great work, we are proud to work with Scent World as the top Scent Marketing solutions provider with its highly successful journey world-wide. Scent World gives you the opportunity to deliver your true essences and emotions through the power of scent, from dispensers, oils, business tailored solutions, to your own special touch.


Vacuum Packages

With its unique decision of choosing GrowDose as its creative website designer, Dal Vakum truly mastered the industry of delivering creative high-quality plastic packagings. Dal Vakum offers you the best options of plastic cups, plates, lids, and your own custom-made items created especially for you, highly meeting global and European Union guidelines.


Architecture & Construction

The newly creatively designed website by GrowDose reflects the true essence of Bir Kalem's architectural visions and future designs. Aspiring creativity and authenticity, BirKalem owns the right interior-design touch that turns your space from a traditional place into a true unique home filled with your sincere carefully-presented details.


Contracting Company

Proudly designed and developed by GrowDose, AlJazera's new website tells you all about the success and leadership of AlJazera in the industry of contracting in KSA and the world. Having proudly earned the SCA Best Contractor Award 2022, AlJazera is keen on proceeding its global progress towards providing the best contacting solutions in MENA Region and worldwide.


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